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jaeger lecoultre master ultra thin perpetual calendar hands on

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Very last 7 days, Jaeger-LeCoultre unveiled a spectacular new view, the Learn Ultra Slim Perpetual Calendar. The brand new Learn Extremely Slender (“MUT”) Perpetual Calendar – made available in pink gold (Ref Q1302520), white gold (Ref Q1303520) and metal (Ref Q130842J) – is usually a look at that offers enjoy lovers and collectors lots of factors to acquire psyched. In the new Master Extremely Slim Perpetual, we see an outstanding mixture of the manufacture’s wealthy heritage of ultra-thin replica watchmaking and among high replica watchmaking’s most quintessential complications, the perpetual calendar. The end result, when you see on my wrist higher than, is pure and typical natural beauty.
And not only does it appear fantastic, even so the value stage on this new Perpetual Calendar (would you think under $20,000 on the piece previously mentioned ) will deliver certainly one of replica watchmaking’s most heralded troubles into access for the broader team of aspiring connoisseur’s of fantastic replica watches.
I had been privileged to join the superb team from Jaeger-LeCoultre at its boutique while in the Wynn Las Vegas Resort very last week for that formal unveiling of such new references. Which implies that you are in luck nowadays as I share many hands-on pictures as well as a in-depth run-down in the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Learn Ultra Slender Perpetual Calendar.

Entrance on the Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutique on the Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort
One among JLC’s newer boutiques (it was announced late final year), JLC @ the Wynn is very tastefully designed inside and out
As I think most everyone would agree, the perpetual calendar (or quantime perptuel) is certainly one of the signature complications of substantial replica watchmaking. However, it is really a complication that is rarely paired with an ultra-thin caliber. It does not take much to appreciate the substantial degree of horological know-how that is required to craft a beautiful marriage of your two, but I would say that Jaeger-LeCoultre was clearly up for the task on this occasion.
The new Master Extremely Skinny has a perfectly sized case: 39mm diameter, 9.2mm thin (thank you JLC Caliber 868 – more on this below). As well, the lugs are streamlined and do not call attention to themselves, and the bezel is slim. Simply put, this enjoy will sit elegantly on almost anyone’s wrist.
Let’s now take a closer glimpse at the calendar functions, and then I will discuss the aesthetics on the dial tone and appliques before touching upon the automatic mechanical ultra-thin caliber during the new MUT perpetual. Shown here inside the steel – which unlike the gold references will be supplied exclusively through JLC boutiques – just one can immediately appreciate the vintage design from the observe and its clear and self-evident indications.
The three counters are very well proportioned relative on the rest on the dial; their size is such that their indications are legible and they do not crowd the center with the dial. The moon phase aperture and “Jaeger-LeCoultre” logo/signature on the top with the dial provide additional balance. Of course a perpetual calendar function must indicate not just day/date/month, but also the current year. And within the Master Ultra Skinny Perpetual, a full four-digit display appears through a small aperture at 7 o’clock. Jaeger uses this four-digit year display on some of its other perpetuals (Learn Eight Days Perpetual 40, for example) – and I do like it.
Now if you have a keen eye you may also have noticed there can be a small aperture just higher than the center-set hour/min/second fingers. Not always seen on perpetuals (though certainly not new to JLC), this indicator tells the wearer the period during which it is preferable to avoid adjustments to the check out so as to avoid potentially damaging the gear wheels that are already engaged in preparing the change of indication that takes place at midnight. The critical time thus being the couple hours on either side of midnight, the window turns gradually red as evening falls and returns on the same shade as the rest of your dial a few hours later.
The perpetual calendar indications are adjusted via a single corrector at 8 o’clock: 1 press moves the calendar a person day ahead, with any additional changes ocuring automatically. The observe mechanism takes into account from the unequal length of months (i.e. 28, 30 or 31 days), and every four years, it will naturally display the 29th of February. Essentially you’re fantastic to go until March 1st 2100.
From my place of view, I really like that each counter or indicator around the dial is singular in its purpose. Contrast this with JLC’s Master Eight Days Perpetual 40 (Ref 1618420) and its a slightly busier dial, for example. In fact on many QP’s you will see moon phases or leap-year indicators or power reserve sharing space on what is essentially a dual-purpose sub-dial. Now don’t get me wrong – the aesthetic can certainly be attractive on replica watches such as these, but I am a simple guy and I do really like how Jaeger-LeCoultre so simply conveys the calendar functions on this new MUT. All in, I think there can be no argument: the Learn Ultra Slim Perpetual Calendar is an incredibly easy-to-read perpetual calendar check out.
Let’s now take a closer search with the dial itself. The hour and minute fingers are dauphine-style on all models, but each has a slightly different dial finish and applied hour markers – as noted below.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Learn Extremely Skinny Perpetual Calendar in Stainless Steel

sunburst silver-toned dial and rhodiumed polished appliques
Jaeger-LeCoultre Learn Extremely Skinny Perpetual Calendar in White Gold
grained silver-toned dial and black nickel appliques
Aside from the differences in appliques/hour markers, when comparing the stainless steel and the white gold references, the difference is quite subtle. But study the above to photos for your moment and I think which you can see the difference in dial finish. Which a person do you like better For me it is almost a toss-up, but I am partial for the steel model, preferring its rhodiumed hour markers over the darker ones around the WG model.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Learn Extremely Skinny Perpetual Calendar in Pink Gold
eggshell-white dial with polished appliques
Finally, let’s talk about the movement, the Calibre 868 ultra-thin automatic perpetual calendar movement. The Cal 868 has 336 parts and is actually a mere 4.72mm thick. Impressive. Jaeger-LeCoultre elected to use a sapphire crystal case-back so that the caliber is visible:
I think it goes without saying that JLC has deep experience and history in crafting ultra-thin calibers. For me, they along with Piaget are the first brands that come to mind when I think ultra-thin. And of course that is what the Grasp Ultra Slender line is all about. And now an ultra thin perpetual calendar to hitch the family.
Now that you’ve seen up close and personal what an elegant check out this new Master Ultra Slim Perpetual Calendar is, I want to circle back to my opening remark about cost. And here’s the deal: this enjoy, in steel, will sell for $19,950. Rose gold, $31,600, white gold $34,700. Think about that: an ultra-thin, perpetual calendar, from among Swiss replica watchmaking’s finest. For less than $20k. That’s compelling. Especially considering that, in many cases, perpetual’s might sell for multiples of $20k, even upwards of six figures.
In short, Jaeger-LeCoultre has made this “complicated complication” even more accessible, and done so in an ultra-thin format. Of course we’re still talking perpetual calendar here so this observe is not going to be within get to of everyone. But there is no doubt in my mind that this new Master Ultra Slender perpetual will give many observe fans out there something they might not have had yesterday – hope. Hope that that they a single day might be able to own a perpetual calendar, certainly one of large replica watchmaking’s more exclusive troubles. That’s something to aspire to!
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